It's about winning. Whether big or small, established or start-up, the intent of any company is to succeed by exceeding customer expectations, beating your competition, surpassing your performance targets, returning shareholder value and fulfilling your employee's aspirations. You will employ many strategies, technologies, processes and tactics to get there, but ultimately, you'll do it through people. That's where we come in.continue>> 

The Perils of Pedigree
Todays sales managers face a very different world than they did just a couple of years ago. We all got accustomed to operating at break-neck speed, having more deals than we could adequately manage, and too few, if any, candidates for all the positions we needed to fill. continue>>



  Sales Force Assessment Program

An Oracle Success Story, or "How to Hire With An .800 Batting Average"

Hiding in Plain Sight
Finding Undiscovered talent
In the IT Marketplace
What Skills Do I Need in a recruiter: HR or Sales?
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    These services can be provided individually based on need, but were designed as an integrated toolkit.

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