What could your company do if you never made another hiring mistake?  

People are the key to success.

Successful organizations do many things right. They owe their success to a combination of factors: wise long-term strategy, superb tactical execution, well-managed finances, and conscientious, dedicated and talented people; just to name a few. But people, more than any other factor, determine how well all the other aspects of an organization run.

Selection Strategies is committed to helping our clients achieve success and competitive superiority through its people.

Our Mission

Selection Strategies was founded in 1995 to meet a very specific need – to combine in-depth industry expertise and superior search capabilities to increase the odds of hiring the best talent in the industry and enhancing the competitiveness & performance of our clients. Our mission was and still is to be the premier recruiting & selection services firm to Information Technology vendors for field operations positions (management, sales, sales support & professional services). We have an unmatched client list but our goal is not to be the largest search firm or to recruit by volume; but rather, we’re interested in being the best in the industry and known for our “eye for talent.”

Our Focus

Finding and retaining talent is critical to any organization's success. Too often, recruiting is either an intermittent activity that fails to capture the time and attention it requires, or it is led by individuals focused more on saving money - the classic "Cost per Hire" approach - than making money.

Selection Strategies is focused on "Value per Hire." Because no company can cost-contain itself into profitability, we stress the importance of finding and closing on prospects who can immediately and strongly contribute to your topline growth. In our experience we have found that one who quibbles over the cost of hiring a salesperson who delivers 200% of quota, is one generally not aligned with operational priorities.

Hire the Right People, The First Time!

Companies hire people to grow, expand, explore, challenge, compete and succeed. We focus on acquiring the talent our clients need to beat their competition, satisfy their customers, make new products and bring them to market faster, offer new services, grow their top line and increase their profits.

Selection Strategies provides a full range of recruiting and selection services to high-technology companies designed to meet a myriad of needs. But most important, we help our clients recruit, interview, hire and manage the best talent to be found. We employ cutting-edge competency-based selection techniques to ensure that you make the right hiring decision, every time.

Whether you think of this as risk management for recruiting, hiring process reengineering or a fundamental change in your philosophy, we do it better than anyone.

A Hands-On Approach

We implement world-class practices for our clients through direct turnkey recruiting engagements, or through close collaboration and hands-on involvement as clients implement our methodology for themselves. Either way, Selection Strategies plays an active role in ensuring that these practices are communicated, understood and executed so superior results are achieved.

Some organizations require greater initial support, and some are forced by circumstance to outsource their recruiting efforts. We can provide turnkey recruiting to this select group of clients. But even in those engagements, our clients play an integral role. Regardless of the approach, we focus on building your skills and sharpening your eye for talent. Whether you're a start-up technology company, a rapidly growing mid-sized firm or an established large company, your ultimate success or failure rests in great measure on your ability to land the best talent around.

While we present training on our methods and practices, we are not a training firm that conducts classes and leaves without follow-up. We ensure that the necessary skills are built. Nor are we a consulting firm that simply makes recommendations and departs without ensuring that goals are met. We are interested in and committed to every client's outcome. We work side-by-side with executive management, hiring managers and recruiters to help them at every phase of the recruiting process and beyond.

We call our methodology Hiring Intelligence™, because it captures our basic intent. Our goal is to help you to improve your ability to find and keep talent by recruiting more effectively than your competition.

As managers and recruiters, your professional value is enhanced by your ability to identify talent. Our methodology helps you do that.

We're committed to help you make quality hiring more than a chance occurrence.

Meet the Team:

Selection Strategies is a privately-held company with its home base in Chicago, IL and offices in Bloomington, IN, San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA. The core of the firm is rooted in the Information Technology industry as well as having developed expertise in competency-based assessment methods and concepts at Marketing Personnel Research (MPR, Inc.), an assessment & selection consultancy. We also maintain strategic partnerships with a small group of firms whose philosophy align with our own and extend our value and theirs.

We’re focused on the Information Technology industry generally and, specifically, the business software vendor segment, and our specialization in high value-added positions – executive management, field management and revenue generating roles (sales, sales support and professional services). We live or die by the measurable results our clients achieve.

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