Selection Strategies welcomes any correspondence you care to send. We are available to answer all questions concerning web site content, training and recruiting services, electronic magazine content, flames and brickbats of all sizes and colors. If the 'zine or other areas of the site create enough interest, we may set up a chatroom and post your correspondence. But we'll give you plenty of notice first.
The listings below should help you get started. In most cases, we'll answer your mail within one business day. If that's not quick enough for you, give us a call. We all answer our own phones and are glad to hear from you.

I want to send a resume!

If you're interested in any of our current clients, and would like to submit your resume for to us, please send it, either in the e-mail (Text format) or as an e-mail attachment (preferably in MS Word, Rich Text Format or Adobe Acrobat file formats) to, Ross Rich. Please be sure to mention the client and the specific opportunity you're interested in.

I want to send an e-mail message to:

Ross Rich, about recruiting engagements, recruiting process consulting, management, proposals, statements of work & agreements, joint marketing, crosslinking or partnering and our Alumni Program.

Sara Lillis, about hiring decision support tools, interviewing training, or competency based methodology.

Sales Manager, for seminar scheduling, ordering, and pricing questions.

Pam Burton, about interview scheduling, the web site, electronic magazine, posted articles and White Papers.

Information Director, for general information or topics not covered here (we'll route your note to the right person).


I want to telephone:

Ross, at SSI's Main Office in Chicago, Illinois: Dial +1.773.244.1609.

Sara, at Selection Strategies' office in Bloomington, Indiana: Dial +1.812.332.0358.


I want to send a FAX :

To Ross: Dial 773.244.1803

To Sara: Dial 208.730.4784

These fax numbers are confidential and come directly to the recipient


Mailing Address:

Please send all general business correspondence and payments to:

Selection Strategies, Inc.
2109 West Grace Street
Suite 200
Chicago, Illinois 60618


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