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In the present marketplace for talent, few companies are claiming full satisfaction with their recruiting practices. In information technology, and particularly in software sales organizations, recruiting can be particularly troublesome.

Few truly excellent salespeople and sales engineers are actively looking for new positions. Discontinuities often exist between sales management and corporate recruiters. Each side cites the other for lack of understanding of what the sales environment and the company's own culture require of job candidates. Pressure to meet hiring goals encourages a Darwinistic approach to hiring, with commensurate high turnover and staggering associated costs.

Yet, some companies are flourishing under those same conditions. And the upside associated with simply taking prudent measures to assure your survival is too great to forego. Earlier this year, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, in their Human Capital Index Study of 400 publicly traded companies, wrote that "recruiting excellence" was responsible for a 10.1% increase in market value.
Try plugging that figure into your company's share price. Then extrapolate it to your 52-week high.

We teach companies the art and science of excellent recruiting.

Can we help you?

We're a company with a very specialized charter. For the right organization, we can add real, measurable value and top line growth.

We specialize in finding, qualifying and evaluating great business applications software sales and pre-sales people, sales, technical and project managers, product and process consultants and applications instructors. Whether your business is apps software, e-commerce, telecommunications, or any other information technology discipline, mature or a dot-com start-up; we've helped organizations like yours achieve higher sales volumes and greater customer loyalty through excellent people.

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Selection Strategies Offers Full-Service
Recruiting for Information Technology Companies

Selection Strategies provides full-service retained recruiting services to a select group of companies. This is a true, turnkey service that incorporates all of the components of our unique, competency-based selection methodology, and delivers them just as an in-house recruiter would. This lets you begin to implement our methodology while simultaneously using our recruiting expertise to build your organization.

Selection Strategies’ family of services are interrelated and mutually supporting. These services can be provided individually based on need, but were designed as an integrated toolkit; a life-cycle management system that aligns recruiting with sales and addresses every step of a successful hiring practice: Planning - Prospecting - Qualifying - Evaluating - Closing - Coaching. Each phase of this methodology addresses a critical step in finding, assessing, hiring and retaining your key people.

When conducting recruiting engagements, we function as an extension of your staff and act as a member of your organization; we become an integral part of building your team and work closely with executives, hiring managers, other recruiters and human resources professionals. We do not function as "headhunters," simply filling your open headcount. As your recruiter, we take a long-term view that includes how well your new hires perform. And we provide post-hire guidance to make sure you get their highest level of performance.

Decision Support Tools

Our mission is to help you to develop a keen eye for talent. Unfortunately, there are no foolproof litmus tests for identifying individual talent. Some people believe that sizing up a person's capability is an art in which a few are gifted enough to do well. We believe it is a combination of art & science, but it is also a skill that can be learned and improved through constant practice.

Just like Decision Support Systems that are designed to provide managers with critical performance indicators and financial or operational data aid them in making strategic or routine judgments, we provide information to aid in the hiring decision.

  • Our Decision Support Services are designed to be an integral part of your interviewing and evaluation process. Grounded in our In-SITE (In-Depth Sales Interview & Trait Evaluation), these services can facilitate in your assessment of a candidate before you make the critical decision to hire, or they can serve as an aid to the manager trying to coach the sales team to peak performance, or help a poor performer improve.
  • The In-SITE is a comprehensive, competency-based interview conducted over the telephone. It assesses the candidate's suitability for a position by evaluating their Motivations, Thinking, Acting & Interacting behaviors and offering a comparison to the Hiring Model you've established. The report you receive contains quantitative data as well as a detailed qualitative assessment of the candidate's positive attributes and "red flags" with specific recommendations to ensure a thorough evaluation before you decide to hire. If you decide to hire the individual, we will follow-up with the hiring manager at the 90 and 180 day marks. We then provide a MAP (Manager’s Action Plan) that focuses on specific actions that can be taken to leverage the person's strengths, eliminate or compensate for their weaknesses, and manage them to high levels of performance.

Process Consulting

Perhaps you already have a recruiting operation but need to optimize its performance. Or you might be a high-tech start-up looking to grow your company and build both your sales force and a competitive recruiting department. Or maybe you're looking to outpace your competition by adopting the best possible recruiting practices.

Whether you need minor adjustments or major process improvements, we can assist through the application of our Hiring Intelligence™ model. We can help you in:

  • benchmarking your top performers and creating a Hiring Model.
  • developing a comprehensive Sourcing Plan designed to get more and better qualified candidates.
  • devising a Sourcing Strategy intended to build "brand identity" and attract the best talent available.
  • performing Capacity Planning to identify the ideal size of your recruiting organization to support your growth plans and achieve high quality hires.
  • developing your hiring team's skills as interviewers and evaluators of quality prospects.
  • negotiating appropriate, competitive offers.
  • coaching and developing your new hires for maximum performance.
  • evaluating current "problem" staff and determining/developing their potential.

In every phase of the recruiting cycle, we can assist you in finding points of leverage, improving process performance and implementing new techniques.

Competency-based Selection and Interviewing
Training for Information Technology Companies

Our training philosophy is to build real, immediately useful skills, not just to pass information. Our programs include:
  • traditional instructor-led training,
  • multiple practicums where skills are developed and practiced,
  • follow-on sessions, called In-Progress Reviews, which focus on honing and refining the skills introduced in the classroom.

Our training is designed to meet your specific needs...

  • We have a new, two-day course - "Recruiting for Talent" - that encompasses our entire Hiring Intelligence™ methodology. The course covers everything from developing your hiring models through sourcing for candidates, interviewing them, hiring them and managing them for peak performance. It is recommended for managers responsible for all aspects of the recruiting process, any manager seeking to be involved in the various phases of the recruiting process, recruiters and human resources professionals responsible for delivering recruiting services, and venture capitalists looking for a first-rate answer to the search for IT sales talent.

  • If you are specifically involved in the interviewing and evaluation of candidates, you may want to take a class from our "Interviewing for Talent™" Series - which includes modules addressing major areas of field operations, such as Management, Sales, Sales Support (Pre-Sales), and Post Sales (Project Management, Implementation Consulting & Training).

These courses provide in-depth instruction, practical exercises and real-world case studies that introduce students to the principles, concepts & techniques of the Hiring Intelligence™ methodology. The course materials include a student workbook and reference guide in hard-copy and CD-ROM.

In addition to the standard training materials, each student receives The Manager's Toolkit™, an MS Access (for Windows 95/98 & NT platforms) database that contains over 500 interview questions, pre-defined interview scripts and guidelines for conducting focused & insightful competency-based interviews. The Manager's Toolkit provides a software application on your computer desktop that offers ready assistance in assessing your critical job candidates.

  • If you're a senior sales or venture capital executive who wants to learn how to make competency-based recruiting work for you, we offer a two-hour survey course called "Ten Principles of World-Class Recruiting." This course teaches the high-level essentials of Hiring Intelligence, and enables executives to assess the value of our methodology. We offer this course in conjunction with our recruiting partner, Strategic Software Resources of Natick, MA.
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