We’ve found in the selection and hiring process that past behavior (and performance) does matter! Our research and experience has proven over and over again that ...

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior under similar circumstances and the more recent and more long-standing the behavior the higher the predictive value.

Given the myriad of things a sales manager needs to focus on today you maybe asking, “how am I supposed to invest the time and determine the right “behaviors” to find the proverbial ‘A’ player before making a hiring decision?” We didn’t say it was easy but it isn’t impossible and we have an answer.

Selection Strategies’ InSITE™ (In-Depth Sales Interview and Trait Evaluation) is a comprehensive, detailed look at sales behaviors. The interview was developed by a team of Behavioral Psychologists and by both sales and recruiting professionals and has been used extensively by hiring managers in both large and small technology companies. It has stood the test of time!

The interview is conducted over the telephone and takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. The interview consists of a series of open-ended, situational-based questions with drill down probes to focus the candidate on providing examples of previous behavior. This type of interviewing is known as “Critical-Incident Questioning” and is intended to elicit as much information as possible from the candidate. The goal is to gain insight and understanding into the way the candidate performs their job and from that information draw conclusions -- predictive conclusions -- about how they will perform in the role you are considering for them.

Our interview asks a series of questions that require the candidate to reflect on their experiences and discuss their approach to situations, projects, problems, personal interactions, and other circumstances that reveal their behaviors, skills, style and actions. We look for specific, tangible examples of behavior and assess the candidate’s behavioral makeup in the context of the position they are being considered for. For example, a candidate being considered for a pre-sales position will be assessed based on the behaviors that makeup the position profile for a sales consultant. That framework will help us and you do two things…

1. determine how well suited the candidate is and whether you should hire them; and

2. if you hire them what actions, as their manager, you will have to take to help them excel.

In analyzing the candidate’s responses we look for recency and frequency of behaviors. How often does the candidate actually behave a certain way? In fact there are several questions that will hone in on situations that call for specific behaviors so we can see how often the candidate flexes these behavioral muscles.

One of the hallmarks of an outstanding manager is their ability to identify and hire talent. Being a good judge of talent is a blend of art and science but is more difficult than people imagine. Our goal is to help you hone your skill in picking out talent and to provide you with the information that will not only keep you from making a hiring mistake but help you get the most out of each and every hire.

Each month in our newsletter we highlight different traits that our InSITE™ Interview uncovers that can give you more “insight” into your candidates. For more information or to schedule an interview email us at InSITE@selectionstragegies.com or call Pam Burton at (812)333-4615.
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