We find ourselves using certain web sites far more often in our work and play at SSI. Here are some of our most favored places for research and amusement. Click on the logo to visit a site.

Our Partners:

Symbiosis Search, http://www.symbiosissearch.com, is our European Executive Search partner, extending our recruiting services for clients seeking to expand their European operations. Based in Slough, in the technology-dense Thames Valley west of London, Symbiosis Search is focused on helping build world-class software and IT companies through the hiring of exceptional executive, mid-level sales management, sales and field operations talent. Symbiosis Search was established by Andrew Parker and Nick Povey, two leading professionals from within the European Technology Executive Search industry.

NextLevel Consulting, http://www.nxxlevel.com, is a sales training and expert services firm that assists leading companies by improving forecast accuracy, pipeline management, channel efficiency, and sales operational effectiveness. NextLevel subject matter experts combine strategy, technology and proven best practices to deliver immediate, measurable results that dramatically improve your selling organization. Established in 2002, by four seasoned consultants in the field of "sales effectiveness improvement", is headquartered in Los Gatos, CA.

The Complex Sale, Inc. is the premier training company for IT and applications software sales. Its staff combines uncommon insight into complex sales cycles with a wealth of real-world experience and strong teaching skills.

Click on their logo above to learn about their unparalleled family of sales training products and services.
  InfoMentis helps clients discover effective ways to link customers' requirements with business solutions, build mindshare with decision makers and produce dramatic breakthroughs in selling and delivering complex products to organizations around the world. They specialize in the IT and applications software industries.

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SSR is Proud of its reputation as one of the top executive placement firms in the U.S., with over 300% growth over the past three years. They specialize in the placement of executive management, sales, pre-sales support and consultants for some of the elite software companies in the world.

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Useful Sites:

Ayn Rand, speaking through one of her characters, once said that corporate logotypes were the new world's coats of arms. We might take that with a tad more salt than Ayn did, but here are a few of our favorite coats.

The Electronic Recruiting Exchange is a great spot for practical advice and information on the recruiting trade. The online archive of articles includes several by Dr. John Sullivan, Head of the Human Resource Department at San Francisco State University. Dr. Sullivan is a strong proponent of Value-per-Hire recruiting, as are we. When we want to visit a URL that reaffirms our faith in our focus and methods, we point the browser here. If you want to learn more about why you should consider using us in your next sales recruiting effort, visit this site.

This is the web site of the Association for Internet Recruiting. You will find white papers and newsletters that offer advice on everything from writing Internet job ads to dealing with candidate counteroffers, plus lots of links. Caveat emptor, of course, but by and large a useful site.

The company formerly known as Intelligent Search, Inc. Mike Foster's Advanced Internet Recruiting Strategies is one of the first and best training companies specializing in Internet data mining for recruiters. Ross and George have both been through their AIRS I and II courses, and have used their techniques on several of our full-service engagements.

You say you're ready to start robostaff.com? You'll want to send garage.com a copy of your business plan. Garage.com is the brainchild of former Apple software evangelist Guy Kawasaki. Their mission is to introduce the founders of promising high-tech start-ups to sources of first-round capital. But before you quit your day job, know that their screening process for business plans is pretty strict, and few are chosen. Still, garage claims to have helped new companies obtain more than $80 million in funding last year.

Not ready to work 20 hours a day and sleep in your car yet? That's okay. Their site contains a lot of interesting information for and about IT start-ups, and of course, the "famous garages" page.

George's favorite business magazine, Fast Company is a recent start-up itself, and is devoted to finding the best practices in many businesses, including lots of information on recruiting. Check out the magazine's Consultant Debunking Unit for an irreverant monthly skewering of some management bromide. Join A Company of Friends in your area for new business contacts and socializing.

Another of Ross' picks. Named after the slang term for a pre-IPO's initial SEC filing, this is the place to go for serious insight into the financial aspects of high technology. Start-ups, IPOs, industry trends and more. Keep track of those companies in decline; they provide a fertile source of new recruits.

One of the original cyber-conglomerates, with the HotBot search engine and WebMonkey internet design e-zine to its credit. Wired may not make a profit, but it's the kind of resource which, if it announced it was going out of business, net-heads everywhere would hold fund-raisers to keep it afloat. Take a look. You'll find something in here you absolutely need to know.

Now that you're a recruiting genius, what will do with all that pesky money? Well, if you're a daytrader, you'll stay away from this site. But if you'd rather have a life, eat meals in a different room from your computer and still beat the Dow 30, start here. Take a stroll through Fool U. and see how you're doing or what you can improve. George's favorite site for investment advice.

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