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1.Sales Force Assessment Program
2.Sales Force Assessment Delivered with Partner, InfoMentis
3.The Newsletter Returns: January 2005
4.Completed Search: Agile Automotive/Industrial Industry Marketing Director
5. Selection Strategies sited for Unique & Differentiated Service Offerings

At SSI we remain committed to excellence as we continue to bring cutting-edge solutions to your hiring needs. The past year was no exception as we researched, developed and refined both old and new products and services. We did all this while continuing to engage new clients and partners.

Read on to learn about our latest projects:

1. Sales Force Assessment Program

Often, Selection Strategies is asked to assess candidates considered for hire but typically the existing sales force is taken for granted and many times detailed assessment of their skills can be critical to future success. Our Sales Force Assessment (SFA) Program is designed to provide in-depth insight to the skills of your current sales team. This program is especially beneficial for new vice presidents of sales or sales managers who need to quickly assess the make up of the team they¹ve inherited to understand how to best deploy and manage their people. In addition to individual and group reports, the results of these assessments, particularly the evaluations of top performers, can establish a benchmark for future hiring. As well, Selection Strategies¹ partnership with sales effectiveness firms like InfoMentis and The Complex Sale produce recommendations, advice and tips tied to the concepts and techniques of these sales methodologies providing practical and meaningful guidance to managers as they seek to get the best performance from each individual.
Sales Force Assessment Program

2. Sales Force Assessment Delivered with Partner, InfoMentis

Selection Strategies conducts Sales Force Assessment in collaboration with Infomentis at software vendor providing enterprise-scale software solutions to the higher education (college & university) market. In the second half of 2004, Selection Strategies, in collaboration with our sales effectiveness partner, InfoMentis, as part of a major engagement to overhaul and improve sales performance conducted a Sales Force Assessment to evaluate the current sales organization. The SFA evaluated individual competencies and organizational efficacy. All members of the sales force including senior account executives, installed base reps, services reps, and inside sales reps were interviewed using the InSITE interview instrument. All members of the sales management team were interviewed and surveyed for input providing valuable insights and context to our analysis and recommendations. This program was conducted in conjunction with the roll out of InfoMentis¹ sales effectiveness programs, the results of which have already revealed significant improvements in the clients¹ sales results. For more information about the specifics of this program and the results achieved, please contact Ross Rich.

3. The Newsletter Returns: January 2005

After a hiatus of a few months, Selection Strategies¹ newsletter returns in January 2005. The lead article covers technology trends for 2005 and offers insights and predictions from representatives of both the buy and sell-sides of the Information Technology industry. As in all issues, we explore specific sales traits and how to identify them in candidates as well as share insights and perspectives from guest contributors.

4. Completed Search: Agile Automotive/Industrial Industry Marketing Director

After conducting a thorough search engagement, Selection Strategies, Inc., has successfully placed the Automotive/Industrial Industry Marketing Director for Agile Software Corporation. This position will play a key role in building on Agile¹s current presence in the Automotive industry and is responsible for guiding its efforts in expanding that presence. This position will also be the public face of Agile in articulating its approach and strategy to the automotive market, interfacing with industry analysts and directly participating in business development and sales activities as Agile expands in the automotive and industry vertical markets.

5. Selection Strategies sited for Unique & Differentiated Service Offerings

Sirius Decisions, www.siriusdecisions.com , is an analyst firm made up of former Gartner executives offering analysis and recommendations on sales effectiveness firms to the broader Information Technology vendor market. They are particularly interested in identifying firms that offer unique approaches and solutions to their clients. Selection Strategies was the first firm evaluated in the category of sales hiring and assessment and a ³Vendor Alert² can be obtained from Sirius Decisions.



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