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1.Launching Our Newsletter
2.Completed Search: Pharma Industry Business Consultant at Agile Software
3.Selection Strategies Partners with Centra Software to Deliver On-Line Training
4.Selection Strategies Partners with Next Level Consulting to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness
5. On-line Virtual Classroom
6. Partnering with DSG Consulting in a performance assessment for Symantec Corp.
7. New White Paper: The World Turned Right-Side Up! Technology Sales in the Post-Technology Boom

At SSI we remain committed to excellence as we continue to bring cutting-edge solutions to your hiring needs. The past year was no exception as we researched, developed and refined both old and new products and services. We did all this while continuing to engage new clients and partners.

Read on to learn about our latest projects:

1. Launching Our Newsletter

Commencing in November, 2003, Selection Strategies, Inc. will publish an on-line, e-mail newsletter for our clients and candidates. After evaluating several vendors, we selected Exact Target, an Indianapolis-based e-marketing vendor. Our current plans call for the newsletter to be distributed every other month and it will contain articles on topical subjects related to recruiting and hiring, recommendations and advice on candidate assessment, surveys to gather opinions and recommendations from our readers and links to other useful sites. We are excited about this new way of communicating with our clients and candidates and we look forward to continued improvements that will make this newsletter not only informative but useful to all readers.

2. Completed Search: Pharma Industry Business Consultant at Agile Software

Selection Strategies recently completed a search assignment for an Industry Business Consultant focusing on the pharmaceutical vertical for Agile Software. This position is critical to Agile’s expansion into the Pharma market and will involve business development, sales support, product and industry marketing responsibilities, as well as, exercising significant influence on future product direction. This assignment was particularly noteworthy because this senior level position was somewhat unique compared to other search assignments we typically undertake and represented a unique opportunity for Selection Strategies, Inc. to find a candidate with very specific and narrow industry knowledge which further validated the candidate research and sourcing activities of our Hiring Intelligence methodology. This assignment was completed in September, 2003 and the initial feedback from both the company and the individual are extremely positive and promising.

3. Selection Strategies Partners with Centra Software to Deliver On-Line Training

After proving the efficacy of delivering our “Interviewing for Talent” training program to the sales management team at Centra Software, we are now partnering with Centra to offer our training program to a broader audience using Centra’s Symposium™ synchronous learning platform. This offering brings together Selection Strategie’s leading expertise and content and Centra’s leading-edge technology to provide an eLearning environment that maximizes the opportunity to educate hiring managers and recruiters in this critical skill using the most cost-effective training platform available today. This course will be available in mid-summer 2003. For more information contact Ross Rich rossrich@selectionstrategies.com or visit the Centra Software web site at http://www.centra.com to register.

4. Selection Strategies Partners with Next Level Consulting to Improve Sales Force Effectiveness

Next Level Consulting http://www.nxxlevel.com , a sales effectiveness consulting firm, is comprised of former sales executives and sales trainers who have developed new in-depth and comprehensive tools and techniques to help sales organizations achieve peak performance. In keeping with Selection Strategies’ long standing tradition of partnering with industry leading firms and offering more holistic solutions, we are teaming with Next Level Consulting to link our Hiring Intelligence™ recruiting & selection methodology with their capabilities to take sales forces to the “next level” in performance and competitive superiority. We are collaborating in the development of a package of services designed to assist early-stage companies adopt a sales infrastructure that will rapidly advance their ramp-up time, and produce tangible sales results in a shorter period of time, especially in today’s down economy.

5. On-line Virtual Classroom

We’ve taken our “INTERVIEWING SKILLS TRAINING COURSE”(link) and produced a very effective interactive on-line version. In collaboration with Centra we offer the course to our clients using their Symposium (tm) “Virtual Classroom” on-line platform. The Centra technology allows even those without a high-speed Internet connection to attend and participate fully. Additionally, the Centra platform requires minimal client-side software making it easy for students to download the needed software and attend courses without significant logistical or IT support.

The course retains the content of our traditional classroom program and is geared for line managers with direct recruiting responsibilities, managers involved in the hiring and selection process as well as recruiters. The on-line version was developed for those who are constrained in attending a traditional classroom setting. This method has proven to be a very “time and cost-effective” approach to training in that it eliminates classroom and travel expense for all parties involved. Web-based training results match those of a classroom environment

6. Partnering with DSG Consulting in a performance assessment for Symantec Corp.

Symantec’s Vice-President of North American sales had the challenge more and more mangers are facing today of transforming the current sales force from a product-oriented sales model to a customer-focused one. The ability to lead that change would fall to the field sales management team and their ability to meet that need was a critical success factor in Symantec’s continued growth. Executive management wanted an assessment of the capabilities of the current first & second line sales managers to lead this change along with a road map to guide them in developing plans and setting priorities in pursuit of increased sales effectiveness.

Selection Strategies assisted through the execution of a web-based, 360 –Degree assessment tool used to evaluate “key skills & abilities” of Symantec’s North American Sales Management team as measured against a “Best Practices” model. Results became an integral component in the implementation of the comprehensive “Sales Management System” delivered by DSG Consulting to Symantec.

7. New White Paper: The World Turned Right-Side Up! Technology Sales in the Post-Technology Boom.

We are currently conducting research for a study that will be published about the effects of current economic conditions and trends (especially lowered business spending) on sales in the technology sector. Our goal is to provide analysis and guidance that will help readers respond, adjust and thrive in these changed and challenged market conditions. Our extensive research includes interviews and frank discussions with a variety of highly respected technology professionals in the vendor sector, as well as, venture capitalist, executive recruiters, industry trainers & consultants. The paper will also include predictions...proposed solutions.... and much more. Look for this publication soon in our “ARTICLES” section..


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