We're gratified to have helped some terrific companies develop or sustain world-class sales forces. But more than anything else, we appreciate the support and endorsement of our clients. Here are a just a few of their comments.

"In late 2002, we were conducting a critical search for a Vice President, Sales and needed to be extremely selective, looking for a unique blend of skills and experiences. I’d been very frustrated working with other search consultants because they didn’t seem able to understand exactly what we were looking for and would throw unqualified candidates at us. However, after engaging Selection Strategies, Ross quickly began to surface highly-qualified candidates who met our criteria. In the end we found the perfect fit. One year into the job our new VP has increased our top line by more than 70%."

Gary Lucido, Chief Operating Officer

Selection Strategies has been my first choice for my sales force recruiting needs on a worldwide basis for the past 5 years. They take the time to understand my needs and match that against only the highest quality people. I consider them a trusted business partner because they have consistently delivered and exceeded my expectations.

Vincent Mauro
Principal, Infomentis, Inc.
Formerly Vice President of Sales at Excelergy & Enamics

"Selection Strategies is an integral part of sales recruiting at i2 Technologies. They were able to define the profile of our ideal salesperson, create a process for identifying strong candidates in the talent marketplace and evaluate their probability of success in our company. The accuracy and predictive value of their selection tools is a major benefit."

 Jim Contardi, President EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), i2 Technologies


"I retained Selection Strategies as the national, in-house sales recruiter for RESTRAC (now WebHire) just after our IPO was completed. They did a superb job of quickly finding and qualifying 12 new, high quality sales representatives for us. Overall, this group substantially outperformed our revenue expectations. When I moved on to FlexiInternational Software, Ross found our #1 salesperson for us. I've come to expect great things from Selection Strategies. I'm looking forward to working with them in the future."

   Todd McCarthy, Managing Partner, Matlin Partners (former VP of Sales, Restrac)


"I retained Selection Strategies to function as our in-house sales recruiter while the Area Vice President for the Great Lakes Area at Oracle. They were instrumental in growing our applications sales organization as well as supporting other groups within my region, and their methodology always produced high-quality results. When I left Oracle to become CEO of FASTECH, they were my first choice to help me build our sales organization."

  Kevin M. Dolan, VP Sales, PeopleSoft

"From September 1997 through March 1998, Ross Rich and Selection Strategies assisted us in qualifying and hiring more than 80 instructors for Oracle's Applications Education group. The volume of quality placements in a short timeframe was impressive enough. More so, however, was the efficiency of the process. We tendered offers to the vast majority of the candidates we interviewed. And six months later, a significant number of the instructors who reached our Oracle Quality Club were Selection Strategies recruits."

  Michael Alfano, Vice President, Oracle

"I've used Selection Strategies with great success. Their ability to get the sales recruiting job done for us at Red Pepper Software was fundamental to our decision to continue our relationship after the acquisition of Red Pepper by PeopleSoft. Ross and his staff did a terrific job both in locating and qualifying top sales talent, and in continuously updating their training products during our recruiting engagements."

         Jay Fulcher, FormerPresident, Products Division & EVP, PeopleSoft, Currently: Chief Operating Officer, Agile Software


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